Traumatic Stress & Suicide

Early Warning

Digital Management System


How We Help

ResponDr1 is a digital behavioral health solution that rapidly deploys into any community of First Responders. It offers a multi-dimensional approach to identifying and responding to undiagnosed behavioral conditions that could contribute to suicide or suicidal ideation. ResponDr1 is a complete digital management solution that identifies, responds, educates and manages the complex factors that contribute to behavioral health issues experienced by First Responders.

Clinically Validated Assessments

ResponDr1 is based on scientifically developed and clinically validated psychometric instruments which have been standardized and organized to provide the optimal population wide results. Behavioral Assessments are all self administered offering the utmost confidentiality. Community wide screening for a range of Behavioral Health concerns can be custom prioritized by the participating departments or by the supporting community.

Proven AssessX Technology

AssessX technology has delivered over 1.8 million behavioral health assessments to date, identifying and stratifying undiagnosed behavioral issues across multiple target populations. Reliable, scalable, accurate and secure; AssessX provides a foolproof and flexible digital eco-system to service any size department or community.